Paintings from the "River Scene" Series.
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Commissioned Paintings for Island Beauty, a store that sells hairdressing equipment and products. 
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Scissors (left) │Acrylic on Canvas
Barber Chair & Hair Rollers (Right) │ Acrylic on Canvas
Drawings from the "Forgotten" Series
Medium: Colour pencils, oil pastels, charcoal, white conte.
Neglected 1 (left) │ Colour pencils and oil pastel on paper.
Neglected 2 (Right) │ Colour pencils and oil pastel on paper.
Alone │Oil pastel on black paper
Forgotten │ Charcoal and White Conte on gray paper.
Home in Grey │ Oil pastel on grey paper
Paintings and Drawings from the "Boy Days" Series.
Medium: Oil pastels, colour pencils, water color paint, Chalk pastel, charcoal, pencil.
Hang Jack │ Chalk pastels on black paper
Backyard Marble Pitch │ Pencil on paper
Ball Jumbie │ Charcoal on paper
Random paintings, drawings and sculptures.
Bring Back D Old Time Days │ Acrylic on canvas
Bottles │ Acrylic on canvas
Mr. amd Ms. Brathwaite │ Pencil on paper
Sister │ Pen on paper (stippling) 
New Bike │ Oil Pastel on paper
Man vs Technology │ Aluminum sheeting, cement, wire (Sculpture)
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